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Welcome To The PDM Young Actors Workshop


Welcome to the PDM Young Actors Workshop. Celebrating 20 years of live theatre with the youths of Orange, Riverside, and Los Angels Counties.

Our program is founded on the beliefs that all individuals, young and old, are at their highest levels of productivity when:

1. They have a high level of self-esteem.

2. They have a high level of self-motivation.

3. They are surrounded by others who believe this to be true and continue to it          

    encourage within themselves.

    With the use of Theatrics, Music, and Dance our program works on the “Within Theory,” showing that all our achievements and success in life come from within. Also through “Teamwork,” a word not unfamiliar to us because of its time-honored meaning. Each person in our program has an individual aspiration, level of skill, and attitude toward their duties. Since people think, feel, and respond according to their individuality, they sometimes do not consider the benefits of supporting and cooperating with others to achieve a common goal. This is where a skilled director will be able to pool their talents and train them to work together, compensating for individual strengths and weaknesses.

    Our program continues to believe that without proper guidance, the youths of today will not develop the personal skills needed to overcome the obstacles that life has to offer. However, with the proper motivational training and environment, they will not see these as obstacles, but as challenges that they are ready to overcome.

 Paul-Dean Martin

Program Director

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