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“This program has done so much for our students at Canyon Rim. I am so grateful for Paul-Dean Martin bringing the Young Actors Workshop to our children. It is fabulous!”

Randi Leach, Canyon Rim Principal


“Mr. Martin is wonderful with the students. He has helped my daughter overcome her shyness.”

Lydia Roach, Asst. Principal Running Springs


“This program gives children the incentive to really excel at the performing arts. Not every child is a sports star—but every child can be a star in one of PDM’s productions. This program is truly an asset to our districts schools.”

Regina Rohm, Anaheim Hills, Ca.


“I was a teacher for OUSD. Many of my former students were in this production. I am overwhelmed by their accomplishments and how this program worked to bring out their self-confidence and creativity.”

Julie Lowry, Westminster, Ca.


“Paul-Dean has a way with the students that allows them all to have a positive experience and raise self-esteem of all who are involved.”

Pam Verdone, Anaheim, Ca.


“I enjoyed the show very much! The production is very professional and the children are treated with respect and kindness.”

Nancy Pascale, Anaheim Ca.


“This is one of the most amazing programs I have seen in school.”

Lawrence T. Gentile, Torrance, Ca.


“My son has flourished with this program.”

Teresa Oliver, Anaheim Hills, Ca.


“The arts are such an important factor in a child’s education. Programs like this enrich their lives and teaches them so much.”

Maria Lindsey, Anaheim Hills, Ca.


“My son has thoroughly enjoyed participating in this program. Mr. Martin enjoys working with the kids and it shows.”

Julie Doran, Anaheim, Ca.


“This was a really fine opportunity for the children to experience live performance, music and acting in a very professional performance.”

Pat Stanley, Shreveport, LA.




“Programs like these are a great way for our kids to hone their talents and skills. It teaches them the value of having confidence in themselves, and they learn the spirit of


Myra Villaromon, Orange, Ca.


“The performance was spectacular. Very professional. We want more of these in our school district.”

Cheryl Salene, Anaheim, Ca.


“The shows are wonderful and you can just see the pride the kids have in their work.”

Betty Miller, Glen Ivy, Ca.


“An excellent play and a really great chance for my daughter to perform. Paul-Dean Martin is an excellent director and should be encouraged to continue to come to our schools.”

Sarah Hughes, Anaheim, Ca.


“This is the most fantastic activity my child has participated in.”

Kim Welch, Anaheim, Ca.


“This is the greatest program for kids and their parents.”

Ingi Hong, Anaheim, Ca.


“This is a fantastic performance, very professional. My daughter has participated in three shows and all have been great.”

Marty Pribble, Anaheim, Ca.


“A great program for our youth.”

Joan Olivier, Fullerton, Ca.


“Extremely cute and entertaining. Loved it!”

Mike McColley, Buena Park, Ca.


“Great way for the kids to develop confidence and added skills.”

Douglas Booth, Hawthorne Ca.


“A wonderful thing for the kids.”

Roberta Welch, LaMirada, Ca.


“Mr. Martin is terrific with the children. Besides learning theatre arts and performance, they learn discipline, working together, and much more.”

Betty Nakahira, Buena Park, Ca.


“It’s  obvious the kids were well taught and directed. An excellent program!”

Beth Rowland, Anaheim, Ca.


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